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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The world works with balance.

Right from the phenomena of life and death, breathing in and breathing out, good and evil, to the simple play of giving and receiving, we realize that they are all two sides of the same coin, working together to manifest something greater.

CSR is an activity that makes sure we establish this balance, by giving back to the world, as much as we receive, as a renowned multi-national business.

Corporate Social Responsibility signifies the responsibility that a corporate holds towards its society, to build the society, just like the society together builds the business.

They say, “Every action causes an equal or opposite reaction…” We believe in going above and beyond our actions with the pure joy of getting good reaction, from not only our customers, but also the underprivileged people in the world, that could use our support in any little heartful way.

We do our work with poise and commitment.

We donated a Blood-Donation Bus to TATA Memorial Hospital, utilizing 2% of the financial years from 2015–16 upto 2019-20 needed to be utilized for CSR.

This added as a catalyst to save lives, and fuel the future generations of this world.

Our most recent donation was Rs.7 lacs to Rotary Club of Bombay Bandra being part contribution towards a Blood Donation Drive to TATA Memorial Cancer Hospital.


The world helps us making it big as a commercial platform, and we try our little best to make the platform of the world a little bigger.

The people give us a purpose to work for them, and we use that purpose to serve them.

We are here to give true justice to our motto, “Trusted People,Sensible Solutions.”, by coming up with real life solutions for the betterment of our Nation.