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PATEL offers a variety of opportunities for professionally qualified, career driven individuals. We believe in fostering an employee culture that promotes freedom of expression and permits ample scope for vertical and horizontal career growth.

As part of one of the largest Surface Transportation, Air Cargo, Express Delivery and Warehousing companies in India, our employees are assured of a highly professional work environment, challenging assignments and high levels of job satisfaction.

In addition to qualified professionals, we also welcome applications from management or engineering graduates desirous of joining us for short term projects. These applications must clearly specify your field of specialization and the areas of special interest.

Please mail your resume to: ho_hr@patel-india.com

Take a job opportunity of a lifetime and  join the team of Business. We cherish active tech savvies willing to work on projects of any type and complexity. If you are enthusiastic about tech innovations and ready to make impactful decisions, feel free to send us your CV. We are interested in hiring professionals on a long term basis and also provide an opportunity for remote work.

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As an organization, we value honesty, trust and integrity above all else – consequently, our people are hard-core professionals, dedicated to furthering thesevalues and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The work culture at PATEL is based on the belief that for 100 per cent productivity there has to be a healthy balance between work and family life. Needless to say, just as customer satisfaction holds top priority, we equally prioritize and guarantee employee satisfaction.

Every employee has individual Key Result Areas (KRAs) that act as drivers for motivation and productivity. We employ a fair and objective process of annual performance appraisal and reward those employees who set and exhibit high standards of performance and excellence.


We work to ensure a strong and healthy organization growth by creating a climate of excellence, where individuals at every level have the skills and the motivation to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

We also emphasize continuous development of all staff members through investment in training programmes. Our employee-growth programmes range from customer relationship management and managerial development to service excellence and behavioral programmes.