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About Us

Patel Integrated Logistics Ltd. is a part of multifaceted group HOUSE OF PATELS
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Mr. Asgar Patel

Chairman Emeritus


Set up as a One-truck activity in 1959, PATEL rapidly shifted gears to grow into one of the largest surface logistics and road transportation companies in Asia.

With a network that spans 500 stations countrywide and a workforce of over 1,000 highly trained people, PATEL is established in 1959 and Incorporated in 1962, reliable service and strict adherence to delivery schedules that facilitate movement of cargo worth Rs. 120 Billion annually. The Company today has more than 75,000 satisfied customers, which include multinationals, public and private sector organizations and small-scale industries as well as the trading community.

The Company is steadily delivering on its promise of providing swift service through Investment in IT and state-of-the art tracking systems, coupled with containerization of its entire fleet, helping  PATEL to maintain a distinctive edge over competition while simultaneously offering enhanced and value-added services to the industry.

Our service offering with experienced human resources in the art of logistics, a time-tested and extensive network coupled with appropriate technology and a solution orientation has won us over 6000 customers availing top quality integrated logistics solutions and services.

Areef Asgar Patel
1972 – 2019

The few golden years you blessed us with, remain etched in our hearts. We miss you dearly.


Dear Colleagues,

PATEL INTEGRATED LOGISTICS LTD. a part of the Multifaceted House of Patels, is in its sixth decade of operations and one of the pioneers in Transportation and Logistics solutions to its esteemed clients.

The journey has been long, arduous and exciting for almost all of it, until recently, when the entire Group was faced with the humungous blow of losing our beloved Vice-Chairman, the late Mr. Areef Patel, and the on-going virus which has been a cause for great concern.  To add to this, was the recent retirement of our Vice-Chairman, Mr. Syed Husain.  I have big shoes to fill.  

On the business front, Post Covid, we are continuing to overcome the roadblocks & speed bumps along the way. Despite it all, it gives me pride & pleasure to state that we have not only kept on track, but have carved out a significant niche for ourselves. Patel Integrated Logistics Ltd. & its Services have become a synonym for Trust, Safety, Reliability and now, Speed as well.




"To be a leader in domestic logistics through excellence in delivery".




To Create benchmarks of quality, consistency and commitment in the integrated logistics business across nation. To Create better value for clients and for its employees.



To Anticipate and meet present and future customer expectations coherent with the “Win-Win” philosophy.

  • Learning & Development
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Team Spirit
  • Respecting The Environment & Society
  • Reliability, Honesty & Ethics
  • Taking Responsibility

Learning & Development

Learning & devlopment

To facilitate continuous development by obtaining knowledge that will pave the way for improvement and positive change and give a sense of direction to our conduct.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction

To offer more than the expectations of our employees. To increase social sharing and mutual respect with the objective of ensuring social communication.

Team Spirit

Team Spirit

Sharing the Success together.

Respecting The Environment & Society

Respecting the Environment and Society

To be responsible about society’s expectations and the need to protect the environment.

Reliability, Honesty & Ethics

Reliability, Honesty and Ethics

To keep promises given to shareholders, be honest and respect ethical values.

Taking Responsibility

Taking Responsibility

Requires pushing the limits of knowledge and skills, even with the tasks that are way too challenging.



At PATEL, we believe in meeting the needs and expectations of our esteemed customers. We shall achieve this with the help of a motivated and proactive family of employees committed towards innovation and continual improvement.

We strive for ‘excellence’ by providing customized solutions, products & services that best satisfies the requirements of our Customers and continuously improve quality, reliability & service with the help of an effective Quality Management System, encompassing all statutory, regulatory, health, safety & environment requirements at our work place.

We shall implement a quality system to ensure consistent service quality with efficient utilization of all resources.

Composition of Committees of Board of Directors of Patel Integrated Logistics Limited.

Audit Committee

Mr. Farukh Wadia Chairman  
Ms. Jasmin Lalla Member  
Mr. Ramakant Kadam Member  

Composition of Committees of Board of Directors of Patel Integrated Logistics Limited.

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Mr. Farukh Wadia Chairman Independent Director
Mr. Ramakant Kadam Member Independent Director
Ms. Bindiya Raichura Member Independent Director

Composition of Committees of Board of Directors of Patel Integrated Logistics Limited.

CSR Committee

Mr. Farukh Wadia Chairman Independent Director
Mr. Hari Nair Member Executive Director
Mr. Mahesh Fogla Member Executive Director

Composition of Committees of Board of Directors of Patel Integrated Logistics Limited.


Mr. Farukh Wadia

Chairperson (w.e.f  01.04.2022)

Mr. Ramakant Kadam Member  
Mr. Mahesh Fogla Member  

Composition of Committees of Board of Directors of Patel Integrated Logistics Limited.

Share Transfer Committee

Mr. Farukh Wadia Chairman Independent Director
Mr. Mahesh Fogla Member Executive Director
Mr. Ramakant Kadam Member Independent Director

Composition of Committees of Board of Directors of Patel Integrated Logistics Limited.

Risk Management Committee

Mr. Hari Nair Chairman Executive Director
Mr. Farukh Wadia Member Independent Director
Mr. Deepak Keni Member CFO





Strong Brand Recall,

I would like to share my personal experience …Being a part of the process, a Police Inspector approached my residence at Andheri for verification of the documents in respect of the renewal of my passport which is a regular and mandatory procedure followed now-a- days. While in process, he casually asked about my profession. When I mentioned about working with House of Patels, Patel Roadways etc, he delightfully recalled the Logo of the Kangaroo in Blue & Yellow colour combination.  I was amazed at how this man, who from a remote rural area of Maharashtra, knows our Brand ??. It shows that a strong Goodwill of our Brand still exists in the market not only in the minds of investors and customers, but the common public as well. The entire credit goes to our Chairman who created a great respect and honor for this profession of Road Transport in the mind of the Indian Citizen.  I am extremely proud to be associated with this Group which can also certainly be validated from the 28 years I have been working here.   

Sanjeev Moghe   Mumbai-April 2022                                                            

Dear Boss,

I express my gratitude for giving me an opportunity to join with your renowned organization in the year 14 March 1990 in Ulhasnagar and from 14 March 1991 in Ambernath. With the blessings and support of Honorable Chairman Mr. A.S Patel, Vice-Chairman Mr.Areef Patel, Riaz Patel and family.

I am very very thankful to our colleague Late Mr U.S Raiker and Late Mr.C.G Tajare, we have started working with your company and have successfully completed 25 Silver years in our company. I have gained tremendous amount of knowledge working with you, which helped me to be with you till today and also wish to celebrate my Golden jublee with you. Till today it survived me with bread and butter and hope it will help me in future.

Satwant Singh and family.


why us

Faster Service, Smarter People, Latest Technology.

Passion for logistics and entrepreneurial spirit permeate everything we do, driving process excellence and supporting our ambition to be viewed as the ultimate logistics professionals. We create value for our customers by consistently providing exceptional service.

We will recognize our customers as our foundation by continuously striving to develop, maintain, and sustain the highest level of customer service by being relentless in our dedication to customers' needs and their business objectives.

With right technologies in place, we can aim to reduce operational expenses remarkably.